Save Money. Reduce Emissions

  • Reduce your water heating bills by up to 75%

  • Pays for itself in under 2 years

  • Built for tough Australian conditions

  • Save even more $ when combined with PV Solar

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Introducing the Evo270


The next evolution in water heating

  • Whisper Quiet – only 46 decibels!
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Guards against many contaminants
  • Programmable Vacation Mode
  • Hydro Power Booster
  • Govt. Registered for Clean Energy
  • Simple to install. Compact & Powerful

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Read customer reviews of the EVO270 Heat Pump

EvoHeat EVO270 is the most popular replacement Hot Water Systems on the market today. Read product reviews from actual customers to see why.

EvoHeat Heat pumps will save you money and reduces carbon emissions.

Regular Hot Water Systems produce 1kW of heat energy output for 1kW of input. Heat pumps extract additional energy from the surrounding air to produce 4 times the output.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

The main reason to install an EVO270 Heat Pump is to save money!

Due to the heat pump technology utilised by the EVO270, the system is up to 4 times more energy efficient than an electric storage hot water system! This is represented through a comparison between the heat created per 1kw of energy input between an EVO270 Heat Pump and a standard electric storage hot water system. With the ever-increasing energy prices in Australia combined with the fact that on average hot water can account for up to 35% of your energy bill, an EVO270 is 75% more efficient and would save you thousands of $ over the systems life span!

When you need to replace your hot water system, maximise your money by installing an EvoHeat Evo270. With its high efficiency, an EvoHeat EVO270 will pay for itself in under 2 years, and save you almost $9,000 over the next 10 years!

With the ever-increasing energy prices in Australia combined with the fact that on average hot water can account for up to 35% of your energy bill, a Heat Pump would save you thousands of $ over the systems life span!

EvoHeat have a range of hot water solutions that will provide your home or business with low cost, fast, reliable hot water.

About EvoHeat Hot Water

Evo Industries Australia Pty Ltd, commonly known as EvoHeat Hot Water, are a 100% Australian owned and operated company based out of Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane. EvoHeat have established an unwavering commitment to providing the Australia hot water market with an energy efficient, reliable and cost effective hot water system. This market leading technology is known as the EvoHeat Heat Pump and has revolutionised the hot water landscape in Australia!

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I would highly recommend using KMS & the EvoHeat 270

“I am very happy with the service and product installed by KMS. Adrian was very helpful in advising me of the operation of the EvoHeat Heat Pump and the implications for our power usage. I would highly recommend using KMS and the EvoHeat 270.” – Alex, C. 4_5_stars

Nice to have hot showers again!

“Nice to have hot showers again! Much more refined than the old heat pump it replaced (different brand). The unit is quiet and easy to use. It has some very good features such as an anode that can be easily replaced from the side of the unit. The installation by KMS was prompt & very neat (better than previous install.) I would highly recommend this unit & the installers.” – Jeff, S. 4_5_stars superior to the other heat pump we had...

“We replaced our old malfunctioning heat pump with the Evoheat EVO270 Nov 8th. The EVO270 is so superior to the other heat pump we had. It’s a lot Quieter, runs for a much shorter period of time, takes up less room and has a modern looking style. The fact you can program it is also another added bonus. Adrian from KMS Services (Plumbing and Electrical) installed the unit is a neat and professional manner.” – Paul, W. 4_5_stars

...very quiet, wasn’t sure it was working but definitely is...

“Only being in service since our old water heater died 10 days ago very quiet wasn’t sure it was working but definitely is very quiet when it is running. KMS did a very good job installing the unit and showing how it works waiting to see our savings on the electric bill when it arrives.” – Colin, B. 4_5_stars

...brilliant workmanship & knowledge shown...

“This unit was recommended by my plumber at KMS Services and am looking forward to the power savings over my 20 something year old system. My wife was worried about possible noise and she is happy with how quiet it is. The evo270 is also styled impressively although my son thinks it would make a great new tardis for Dr Who. Overall great system and brilliant workmanship and knowledge shown by KMS Services.” – Mick, M. 4_5_stars

...could not be happier with our choice and that decision...

“We decided upon a heat-pump system to help us save on power costs and our installer KMS Services recommended EvoHeat 270. We could not be happier with our choice and that decision. The unit itself looks good and it is very efficient to run. We also noticed a big difference in the water temperature compared to our old one which used to be scalding hot. This is so much better. KMS Services were outstandingly professional with their service and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!” – Carol, R. 4_5_stars

The EVO270 Is The Most Popular Heat Pump Available Today

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Evo270 Heat Pump

Why Choose an EVO270 Heat Pump?

There are numerous reasons why an EvoHeat Evo270 Heat Pump would be the best hot water system to suit your hot water usage needs. Combined with its outstanding energy efficiency, the EvoHeat 270 Heat Pump boasts a variety of impressive features that firmly position the system as the leader in the hot water market.

  • Unparalleled build quality to withstand the Australian climate!
  • All-in-one system suitable for any household!
  • Quiet system with a noise rating of 46 decibels!
  • Safety and anti-contamination assurance as per Australian requirements!
  • Touch screen control panel for maximum control over your specific hot water usage! Easily adjust the running timer on the system, set a Vacation Mode or select Hydro Power Booster

Reliability & Build Quality

  • EvoHeat prides themselves on providing a system that is built to the highest quality to withstand the Australian climate!
  • EvoHeat comply with all relevant Australian Standards and also adhere to their own strict Quality Assurance.
  • Evoheat’s construction ensures you are provided with clean safe, and reliable hot water, no matter the environment or water quality.
  • To prove the longevity & quality of the EVO270 system, EvoHeat back their product up with a 5 year warranty!

Perfect Replacement System

  • The EVO270 is a perfect replacement for any system you previously had installed, as the EVO270 will be more efficient and can better cater to your individual hot water needs!
  • Don’t choose just choose the same hot water system you have previously had!
  • While this provides a quick fix to your problem, it is actually costing you significantly in the long run as an EvoHeat heat pump is up to 75% more efficient!
  • It’s time to upgrade to the energy efficient EVO270 Heat Pump and start SAVING TODAY!

Easy to install. Suitable for Any Household

  • Due to the Evo Heat EVO270 Heat Pump being an all-in-one hot water system, it can be installed by our skilled specialists within a day making sure you don’t go without hot water for any length of time!
  • Additionally, due to the system being compact and able to be positioned inside any household so long as appropriate airflow is permitted.
  • Due to the weather proof nature of the EvoHeat EVO270, the system can also be installed on the outside of any household and its sleek, modern design ensures the system will complement the household’s design.

Save Money using your PV Solar Power!

If you have PV solar installed in your household, installing an EvoHeat EVO270 Heat Pump is a no brainer! Stop paying too much for your hot water and install an EVO270 Heat Pump that runs on your PV Solar to avoid being caught out by electricity price rises!

EvoHeat’s System has been designed with ultimate efficiency in mind. When installed in a home with Solar Power (PV) system, your EvoHeat can be programmed to run only during the daylight hours, meaning you’ll be producing FREE hot water! What’s more, the EvoHeat low power draw means that it will use just a fraction of the energy being produced by your PV system, so there’ll be plenty of excess power available for your other household appliances, or to sell back to the grid.

This is the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient hot water solution there is, CALL NOW and SAVE thousands of $ on your hot water!

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